Sabdsoft offers a range of analysis services to help you in the analysis phase of your project, during which the requirements for your website are determined. This includes understanding your business requirements, who your users and what their needs are, and determining what the information architecture for you site will be and any associated functionality:

User Analysis
Understanding your user base is an essential part of user-centred design – a design philosophy and process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user of an interface are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process.

Audience analysis involves collecting and reviewing information about the people who use your website – who your current visitors are, who your prospective visitors are, and what they want to accomplish on your website. You need this kind of information to ensure that you’re designing and writing your website for your audience – not for your organisation.

Information Architecture Analysis
Sabdsoft will work with your key stakeholders during an Information Architecture workshop to define who your users are, what their information requirements are, and how your site will be structured to meet their needs.

Website Requirements Analysis
During Website Requirements Analysis, Sabdsoft will work with your key stakeholders to define the functionality for your site and gather enough information to prepare a Functional Specification. Examples of areas to be specified include:

  • The home page layout and its components
  • Level 2 section page layouts and their components
  • Standard inside page layouts and their components
  • Layout and functionality of additional pages such as Calendars, Listings, Search pages
  • Functionality associated with integrating to external systems

Usability Testing
The usability of your website is vital – if people cannot find what they are looking for they will not spend time looking around for it and they will not stay on your site. For e-commerce sites, if they cannot find the product they are looking for, they will not be able to buy it, and importantly they will look elsewhere for it. If an intranet is not usable, it affects the productivity of your employees – if they have to spend time looking round for the information they need to do their job, they are wasting effort and ulitimately affecting your bottom line.

Usability testing allows you to identify issues with your website, before it goes live. We do this by observing what people do when they are asked to find certain information on your website, or to perform a particular task. Sabdsoft also undertake design usability testing whereby we gain feedback on the graphic design of your site, how people react to it, and what they report it says about your organisation.